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A Trucker's Life part 1

A Trucker's Life Part 1

A truck driver's life is very different than the rest of us; this is not news, but many of us do not take time to think about what living on the road really means. Their lives are affected in many ways and they deal with more than we can imagine. I have listened to drivers and what I hear most is how they are "living the dream" This is great! But as they continue to tell me road stories, I am amazed at how many times a day they are evading a careless driver or dealing with an angry gate guard. Still, they go through their day professionally. Think about it, it's hard for us at times to be professional when challenged with a situation in our office job; truckers don't have office hours nor do they get to walk out of their office to take a deep breath and gather their thought. Drivers must deal with an adverse situation immediately, decisively and safely. That's a lot to handle and yet they do, constantly. We will explore truckers' lives in coming blogs and maybe you will start to see a different side. Drive differently (more thoughtfully and safely) or maybe you will see them in a line and buy their coffee; just maybe you will learn to support those truckers we may not know but owe a big thanks to because they are our unsung heroes.