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A Trucker's Life Part 10

A Trucker’s Life Part 10

Most of us look forward to our weekends; we walk through the door on a Friday evening and kick off our couple of days for relaxation as soon as possible. AND we get to come home every night during our work week! Is it any wonder home-time is so important to drivers? With truckers out for a couple of weeks at a time, their time at home is very short and it seems there’s so much to catch up on. Family misses them and wants to make up for lost time; errands need to be taken care of, chores done, and honey-do lists checked off but where is the rest time for them? Each driver needs to decompress from the pressures of their job and get rested up before starting back on the road again. While that’s hard to do, it is possible and so very necessary! Much like budgeting your money to pay the bills, you must budget your time wisely to ensure you get the rest your body and mind needs. Families should openly discuss a plan that works for everyone and allows time for the rest drivers need to get back on the road.