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A Trucker's Life part 5

Long haul trucking isn't for everyone and most of us chose a different path because it definitely wasn't for us. Truckers have to be resilient; they must be able to handle their emotions. Truckers can be driving along with their load and have the best day ever! Everything is going well, the load is secure, roads are clear, hours left to drive are plenty; then the bottom falls out. The receiver isn't to be found and they're left wondering if they're even in the right place and when the receiver finally shows up, they aren't ready to let the driver unload. The trucker is trying to navigate their way out of town and the GPS takes them down the wrong road for trucks and they hit something or get cited. So many things can and do go wrong. I'm sure there have been times when a trucker has sat in their sleeper berth and just wanted to hang it up for good, but they don't. Here's why they are heroes in my book; they go through days like that all the time, and they pull themselves together and keep going. Because the job has to get done. Because they are truckers and truckers are tough. Because they are heroes.