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A Trucker's Life part 6

At the end of my business day today, I will go home, cook my dinner, sit and watch a movie while eating. After a while, I’ll shower and get ready for bed and snuggle up in my bed under my warm quilt. For many of us, that’s the norm; not so for our truckers. While they have to stick to their schedule to make the promised on-time deliveries, they will find themselves having to spend the night at a location (many do not have facilities/toilets open to drivers) and they still need to plan meals and showers. Some better days will see the driver able to park at a truck stop for the night, get their showers and a hot meal. Other nights, as already mentioned, they have to get creative for their needs; brushing their teeth with water in a cup, taking a sponge bath or showering in their truck while standing in a big pot to catch the water. It makes primitive camping sound like weekend at the spa! So, when your trucker gets home, spoil them! They deserve it!!