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A Trucker's Life part 7

A Trucker’s Life

Family emergencies are stressful at any time but imagine being a trucker and you’re on the road; the day started off great and then you get a call; THAT call telling you your child was in an accident or one of your aging parents is in the hospital. The stress is just that much more. Your heart speeds up and the sense of urgency is elevated because you’re in another state and attached to a load. The best you can pray for is that dispatch can help get you off that load and send someone else to rescue it while you deadhead to your personal vehicle. All this time, you are praying, trying to get updates as much as you can and still drive, drive, drive until you get home. While no one wants to be in this situation, you know it’s a possibility. You should discuss the possibilities with your family so everyone has some sort of a plan. It helps to also form a support circle with your neighbors so they can help in whatever way you need until you reach home. From a non-trucker’s point of view, I strongly encourage other non-truckers in our industry to be part of the support team as well. Knowing they have support from so many different sources will help them as they go through such a difficult time.