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A Trucker's Life part 8

One 5 letter word can start healing hurt, or start the hurt itself; that word is S-O-R-R-Y. We have all said it, and we've all had it said to us. We have all made decisions we wished we hadn’t made or didn’t have to make and apologizing is our only way of verbally conveying our regret. Saying “I’m sorry” can be important in any relationship but in a trucking relationship, it is extremely important. There are a lot of missed birthdays and anniversaries; with all those missed events come hurt and/or anger even.

Sorry is something that shouldn't just be said, it should be acted out if you want the person or people to believe you mean it. An apology without action is meaningless. When I say action, I don't mean flowers and presents; most people just want you to make a conscious effort to try to right the wrong.

In the trucking industry, this is extremely hard to do. You are going to miss events, you are going to have to say sorry. Spouses need to try to understand the trucking industry isn't always going to allow their trucker to get home in time for these special events. Just understand they are doing the absolute best they can to make it home.

“I’m Sorry”, as I said, can be the beginning of the healing process, or it can be the start of the hurt itself. Truckers know when they can't be home for the special events, their spouses and family are going to be hurt. Spouses, please try to understand missing events and occasions are completely out of their control and they are hurt by missing out too. This is all part of the life you have to deal with as a trucker's family. By understanding each other and communicating, you can have a successful and meaningful relationship with your families while living life on the road.