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Weekly Health Tip

Many of us believe burning off calories should be our main objective of exercise but that is so incorrect. Your main goals of exercise should be these three things: Boost endorphins, increase energy and improve function and fitness. Healthy weight loss is achieved primarily through a proper diet enhanced by quality sleep, low-stress levels and proper strength training; not just burning calories. If you’re not sleeping enough, eating poorly and under a lot of physical stress. Exercise might add to that stress making it harder for you to achieve proper health and your goal weight.

In order to make sure that exercise is helping you to enhance your health, you’ll need to make sure you have the diet, sleep and stress levels in check first. If your body is under physical stress, but you find exercise helps you to reduce mental stress levels, you can add in low-impact activity, such as walks, stretching, and yoga.

There is no set amount of exercise that fits everybody. Even your own needs will change on a yearly, monthly and weekly basis. It’s important to gauge how you feel each day to determine the right type and amount of activity!