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Weekly Health Tip

Even if you are feeling healthy, you should visit your doctor annually. These visits help doctors to screen for diseases, assess your risk factors for future medical problems, and provide helpful guidelines for continued wellness. Here are some tips to make the most of your doctor’s visits.

1. Give information. Don’t wait to be asked. No one knows your body better than you. Even if you are uncomfortable discussing your health concerns, provide your doctor with a complete health history. Your doctor is there to help you.

2. Get information. Ask questions and make sure that you understand what the doctor tells you. It may help to write down questions and answers for future reference. If you don’t understand, continue to ask for clarification. You can even ask the doctor to draw a picture.

3. Take information home. Ask for written instructions and any brochures the doctor may have.

4. Follow-up. If you have questions, call the doctor. Also, if your problems get worse or you have problems with your medicine, call. Follow-up to get test results or make additional appointments.

You are in charge of your health!