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Weekly Health Tip

Weekly Driver Health

With summer coming in fast, it’s important for truckers to take care to beat the heat. Here are some suggestions for you as you hit the road particularly in the southern and southwestern states.

Use sunscreen. You need to apply and reapply throughout each day, especially your face arm on the “driver side”. Skin cancer is common among truckers. Please protect your skin!

Summer storms pop up out of nowhere; keep aware of the weather forecast in the area where you will be going. Listen to and heed warnings from local authorities. Being unprepared for a powerful storm could leave you and your truck stranded.

Check your truck’s condition frequently. Heat can cause overheating in your engine or tires to blow out; make sure you have your truck’s best health in mind. And don’t forget your brakes; heat can affect them as well!

Hydrate! Always! Winter or summer; you must stay hydrated. In the summer months, you can become dehydrated more rapidly so keep bottles of water with you and drink up!

Following these few tips can help keep you and your truck healthy!