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January 2021 Employee Spotlight

Nat grew up in Abilene TX but now lives with his wife and their 18 year old twins, Nathan and Natalie, in Grand Prairie, TX. Nat was introduced to the trucking industry by his older brother. One of the things Nat enjoys most about his job is the people he meets along the way. He certainly has been a blessing to Freedom keeping us running, literally! He keeps our equipment up and running so we and others are safe and Nat does so much more! When Nat does finally get some free time, he enjoys being a dad and spending time with his family. He also enjoys working on his antique 1965 Ford F100; sweet ride! Nat says he loves Freedom and that it’s the best place he’s been with in years. All, we know is that we are so happy Nat has been part of a our family for a couple of years now and we wouldn’t know what we’d do without him!