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Weekly Health Tip 05/03/2021

Weekly Driver Health

You run hard every day, you’re a long-haul trucker and have to meet schedules so you grab something fast and most likely unhealthy to make the hunger pains subside and regain some energy to continue your duties. You’re okay for now but you wake up in the morning feeling unrefreshed, achy and foggy-minded. You hurry into the truck stop grab coffee or soda and some sort of quick breakfast to start the day. You grab your drink and breakfast and get rolling. You're just happy to be rolling; the coffee is good and you’re ahead of schedule and this is a route you actually like. And it goes on day after day until you start noticing that you never feel good anymore; always tired, dealing with aches and pains, trouble seeing at night, and the feeling of losing control of everything. You no longer enjoy any aspect of this job and wonder why. Well, it could be your gut! It's very sensitive and the essence of your wellbeing. I have a friend that trashed her gut and its contents leaked into her body. It took many months of surgeries and a long recovery time for her to get back to her good health. Don't let this happen to you! Number one lesson: Take care of your gut and your gut will take care of you! #freedomtransdedicated #FreedomCares #TruckerHealth